Ben McDarmont

Hello, I'm Ben.

Technology is only as powerful as it's impact on people's lives.I'm committed to fostering a human touch in every technological solution, ensuring that innovation serves to uplift and empower individuals and businesses alike.

Ben McDarmont
Ben McDarmont


Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything I do.I'm particularly interested in CRM, low-code and no-code app development, automation, web development and AI.I'm a certified Salesforce Administrator and Zoho consultant as well as being certified in Glide app development.Here's what people say about me...

"He's a proper asset""I was so impressed with his level of detail, capability and capacity to think strategically and laterally to implement a system to match how my mind works""His calm demeanour and technical abilities have proven invaluable""His dedication to his team, the company and our clients is impressive""Under his guidance you will feel completely comfortable"

Ben McDarmont


These are some of the personal projects I've been working on...

Solo CRM

A custom CRM built for solo business people. Simple and clean. Includes an AI-powered marketing content generator and built-in project management.

Progressive Web App · Content AI

Carer +

Carer + helps you look after your elderly parents by keeping track of doctor's appointments, medication and health information in one handy place... an app on your phone.

Calendar Integration · Document Management

My Team

Win the weekend by using the My Team app to help you navigate to your kids sporting games, view travel time, keep track of results and stay across communications.

Location Sharing · Maps

Ben McDarmont


Reach out below.I look forward to meeting you.